Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Good Luck, Jackson!

So Proud!

"Look at Woody/Buzz, Mom!"

Posing - he is so MY child!

Today is a big day at our house! Today is Jackson's first day in BIG BOY underoo's!

Yesterday, during Jackson's Parent Teacher conference, Mrs. Moss told us that Jackson was ready for underwear. We knew he had been doing so well at school - but it is hit and miss at home. I was a bit shocked to hear he was ready (perhaps - I am the one that isn't ready!). But, we have decided to take Mrs. Moss' advice.

So, of course I went straight to the store and bought "Woody/Buzz" underoo's. Jackson was more than excited to wear his "friends" on his rear end today. :) Check out some photos from his modeling session - and wish us luck!

P.S. What happened to my baby that taught me how to change a diaper. It just doesn't seem right that he is walking around in underoo's. :(

Check back for a potty report tomorrow!


1 comment:

The Walti Family said...

I hope it went well - Big Boy Jackson! Woo Hoo! :-) (K- you better invest in an extra couple toilet brushes and some clorox if he is anything like Jack!) :-)