Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas 2010

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Finally our Christmas Post!

Our 2010 Christmas was wonderful for many reasons. It was our first Christmas in our new home. We decorated our home with 5 Christmas trees and it was the first year we did lights on the outside of the house - Jackson was pretty impressed! For years, Justin and I have spent the night at his parent's home Christmas Eve - this year was the first year we stayed in our home so Santa could find Jackson. :) However, we still had a great visit with the Bixler clan over the holiday (With great food by Penny!)

Many wonderful things also stayed the same. We still did our annual luncheon on Christmas Eve with my family to celebrate my Mom's birthday. And of course, the "Annual Symmes family lock-down" took place at the Boyd home. Jackson was loved spending 48 hours+ with his cousins. They even snuck in a trip to Monkey Joes when I had to return to work on Monday.

It was great to watch Jackson actually "get" that Santa was coming this year. However, Jackson wasn't happy that Santa ate his cookies. He even counted to see how many were gone! :) Perhaps Santa will get carrots next year (Jackson refuses to eat them). :)

I could go on and on about our Christmas. It was filled with memories I hope to never forget - like having to wake Jackson up to tell him Santa had arrived - or Jackson sneaking into the other room to open presents by himself while we were eating dinner with the Bixler's, or the way his face lit up when he opened his Nintendo DS from Santa (Now he can be just like his cousins!) - but you can catch the excitement by watching our slideshow above!

We hope your holiday was wonderful too!

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Anonymous said...

Kristen you are so creative! Glad you changed music,you had me crying watching Jackson's excitement and that 1st song. Should we be watching for your name when we go to the movies for credits featuring your name? Thanks for sharing. Jackson is too cute!!