Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Oh, how life is different...

Our life before...

Tonight, in an instant, I realized how much our life has changed since just a few short years ago.
While Justin and I were standing outside the bathroom giving Jackson some "privacy" I realized how different we spend our evenings these days. Justin and I used to spend our evenings after work shopping, eating out, and/or grabbing a couple beers to discuss our day. But when it was time to run back into the bathroom to celebrate Jackson using the potty I realized that life is still just as great.

Sure, we spend our evenings at home now...with the Disney channel on more often than ESPN or BRAVO...But I've grown quite fond of Handy Manny and Special Agent Oso. Sure, Jackson is every bit of two and is testing his limits - which causes us to test our patience...but I wouldn't have traded any of this life for dinners out or drinks after work if it meant I had to miss our celebration in our bathroom tonight. The pure delight on Jackson's face made it all worth it.

Now - dinner and drinks after work is still fun...in fact, we probably enjoy it more now than ever!

Our life now...

Sneaking in a "date night!"

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