Saturday, May 15, 2010

May 15 - My Dad's Birthday

Today is May 15. It is my Dad's birthday.

I wish I was spending the day running to get him a present and wrapping it before our family gets together for a celebration.

Instead, I took a long walk on the beach this morning to spend some time thinking of my Dad. I told myself not to concentrate on how much I missed him - but instead be grateful for having him as long as I did.

I am more than grateful. I know I had a Dad that most didn't. One that taught me the importance of family and the importance of having parents who are "present" in every moment. I try to be that type of parent - for Jackson and for my Dad.
I can only hope to teach those lessons to Jackson some day.

So today - in honor of my Dad. I will savor one last day with my family in Florida. Making memories with Jackson just as my Dad did with me when I was young. My Dad isn't here to see me be a parent - but he taught me how to be one all those years ago. What a special gift!

Even though today is his birthday - I am celebrating that special gift today.

Happy Birthday, Dad. I love you.


deb said...

Very sweet, Kris. You learned from Dad well, and Jackson will appreciate all that you do.

Love you and miss him.


Jessica said...

Love you Kris. Your dad was a special gift to all of us, we miss him. Thinking of you.....

Michelle said...

Very sweet. Dad loved a vacation with his family. He loved watching all of us enjoy ourselves. I am sure he was smiling down on you all week long. Love you.