Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jackson's Birthday Weekend!

Apparently turning 2 calls for multiple celebrations. We didn't mind! :)

Here are some video and photos from our exciting weekend celebrating Jackson's BIG TWO.


We started the weekend at Justin's Grandma's house with a mini-party since she could not attend his party on Sunday. Pizza King (our favorite - and Jackson's too) was on the menu - along with some chocolate cupcakes! Grandma Marge gave Jackson "Charlie" the Charcoal Grill - who has already become a family favorite!

Note: Jackson took his shirt off to eat Pizza - and it never returned! :)

Then it was time for the BIG party!

Justin was a good sport and wore the Mickey apron!

A huge thanks to Aunt Rena (Amanda's Aunt) for saving the day with an amazing cake!

Make a Wish!

Melting Mom's Heart!

This photo was taken on Jackson's actual birthday - we sang Happy Birthday and indulged with the remaining of the cake...this is also post surgery for Jackson. Notice the swollen cheeks. I didn't think they could get larger!

My sweet baby boy is two - it goes so fast. Everyone tells you - but until its your baby blowing out TWO candles on the cake - you don't realize it!

A huge thank you to all of came out to celebrate Jackson's birthday! We are so lucky to get to share him with all of you!

Happy Birthday, Jackson!

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The Walti Family said...

Happy Bday, Jackson! Looks like a great party - awesome pics! You look great, Kristen! :-)