Monday, September 28, 2009

Just Call Me Betsy Ross!

Mom and I before we started the pattern

Jackson taking his own measurements 

Just call me Betsy Ross...or just plain CRAZY!

I have decided to "make" Jackson's Halloween costume this year.

I have great memories of my Mom making my Halloween costumes each year.  My favorite costume was the poodle skirt and matching shirt...along with a matching outfit for my poodle, Midnight!  Midnight and I won the Costume contest that year in Chesterfield.  Thanks, Mom!

I want Jackson to have great memories like this too.  So, I decided it was only right that I start learning how to sew and creating great costumes just like my Mom once did.  So perhaps my Mom was a Home-economics teacher - and I'm not.  But I took Home-economics and sewed a pillow once.  Does that count?

So the project has started.  I bought fabric and a pattern.  My Mom came over (Thanks, Mom) to show me how to cut out the pattern.  I expected that part to be the easiest...  Let's just say I'm a little concerned about how the rest of this project is going to go.  But I'm not going to give up - or change my mind.  

If Jackson shows up on your door-step with his trick-or-treat bag  - please give him candy no matter what.  It isn't his fault his Mom isn't Martha Stewart....

Note:  My sister, Michelle, tells me that there are two types of kids who wear home-made costumes:  1.  Kids whose Mom's can sew and 2.  Kids who look stupid.  Let's hope Jackson will fall into category #1.

I will post pictures of the final product after Jackson gets to trick-or-treat with many of you. :)


Jessy said...

Jackson looks cute no matter what he's wearing so no worries on how it turns out! JK I'm sure you'll do a great job. Can't wait to see him!!

Love Jessy

Lori said...

Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. You won best costume of ALL of Chesterfield?!?!?! That's a huge honor. ;)