Monday, September 7, 2009

Jackson is sick...AGAIN!

It seems like Jackson has been sick from the minute we walked into Day Care that very first day. However, the doctor says most of it has been viral (even the pneumonia) and isn't contagious. So he isn't getting it at school - there goes that theory.

At any rate, Jackson is sick again. On Friday, I thought it was just a cold. Saturday he didn't want to eat much. I figured it was because we were at a party at the McCord home - Jackson prefers spending all of his time "kissing" Baby Maddy (and I'm not kidding). Sunday Jackson spent the night with Aunt Deb and Uncle Greg - and he was up at 3 a.m. with a fever. I felt terrible - but not as bad as Jackson (or Aunt Deb with no sleep).

I am afraid Jackson is still fighting the viral Pneumonia. We are heading back to the doctor tomorrow. I don't think we will be back at the hospital. We are a step a head and have already begun the at-home breathing treatments.

Keep you fingers crossed that we are home tomorrow after the apt...and not in the hospital again.

Speaking of our stay in the hospital. Ashley, Justin's sister, sent me some photos she snapped while we were in the hospital. I thought I would share. Even though he was so sick - Jackson still managed to be adorable in his hospital Pjs. :)

The machine in his hands tracked his oxygen levels - he hated it!


Anonymous said...

It's always hard when there sick .. Reese went through that last year and we use the nebulizer or breathing machine regularly as her short hospital stay is leading us to believe she has allergies or is pre asthmatic. Hopefully he will be feeling like new again soon. - Andrea

Jessica said...

Sorry to hear Jackson is not feeling well again. Sure hope this passes soon. Get well soon Jackson!!!!

Nickie Eisele said...

Hang in there guys! I hope Jackson gets better soon! Give him a kiss from me!