Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy 10th Birthday, Olivia!

Olivia and her little sister - Maddie

Aunt Deb made the cup-cakes

Olivia with our gift - a personalized cosmetic bag :)

Can you believe Olivia is 10!

Those of you who knew me ten years ago can remember how excited I was to become an aunt when my sister, Michelle, gave birth to her first daughter. In fact, I'm not sure I met a soul that didn't hear about Olivia. Justin and I both were smitten with our brand new niece immediately. We quickly became Aunt "Kicken" and Uncle "Ustin" (even though Justin wasn't really an "Uncle" quite yet).

Ten years later, not much has changed. Uncle Justin - is officially an Uncle; but even though Olivia can say my name now - she still calls me "Aunt Kicken"...and I wouldn't have it any other way.

We haven't missed much in the 10 years. Justin and I have always attended Olivia's spring recitals, cheerleading competitions, school plays, t-ball games, her first official school bus ride (we both cried), and have even helped with homework (though its getting a little complicated for Aunt Kicken and Uncle Justin).

After turning 10 this year, I realized how soon we will be watching her go to prom, get her driver's license, and even pack for college. This makes us more than happy to be Aunt and Uncle and not Mom and Dad. Though, I know our day is just around the corner.
Olivia has made the past 10 years sweeter than I can imagine. I can't wait to watch her in the next 10 years.

A note about Papaw Mike:
It just isn't right to celebrate Olivia's 10th birthday without a mention of my Dad. As I have told you before, my Dad celebrated being a "Papaw" more than anyone I know.
I can't imagine what he would have said about Olivia turning 10. He probably would have told her she wasn't allowed to get any older. She would respond with a sweet smile and say "But, Papaw..."

Boy, I wish I could have seen that conversation today. Olivia was my folks' first grandchild - I know she held a special place in my Dad's heart - as he does hers. Why else would a 9-year old little girl speak at her Papaw's funeral?

Theirs was a sweet relationship to watch. One I admired.


Nickie Eisele said...

I know Dad is very proud of Olivia! I can remember how proud he was the day that she was born. He was the only Papaw I knew that came fully prepared with a tailgating party at the hospital in great anticipation of the arrival of his first grandchild! I can't believe Livy is 10! Oh how quickly time flies...makes you cherish every moment.

Anonymous said...

Penny said:
That's a good pix of your dad with the girls Kris, they are beaming sitting their with his arms around them but he probably promised them chocolate their mom told them they couldn't have afterwards :) The things that made your dad so special and the kids will always remember, the little stuff he was always doing and it made them laugh so much, he was like one of them when he was with them....................

mboyd said...

Sweet note, Kris. Left me in tears. Thanks for loving Olivia so very much.


Anonymous said...

Aunt Kicken --
I like the note you wrote about my birthday. I do wish papaw was at my tenth birthday party.

By the way, I was 8 when I talked at Papaw's funeral...not 9 yet.

Thank you....
Love, Olivia