Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We are 3 cents richer!

If you read this blog often you know about the "'pennies from heaven" theory that was told to me when my Dad died. This theory is still helping me when I am missing my Dad.

This weekend when we were moving, Justin and I would stop what we were doing and say "he should be here". He wouldn't have missed it. He would have gotten a kick out of bossing Justin and the other son-in-laws about how best to pack the truck. He would have directed them with a cigar in his hand.

I stopped Justin as he was loading a box on to the truck and told him how much I was missing my Dad. He told me that he found two pennies on the truck earlier that morning. He knew Dad was with us and probably celebrating us moving closer to our families.

Later that day, a friend and I were unloading some stuff from the car. As I had an armful of items, I looked down to see a penny right next to my car. I shouted, "I found a penny!" I'm not sure who I thought was listening...but it made my day.

Justin and I both kept the pennies we found. We are three cents richer...but of course these pennies joined all the other "pennies from heaven" we have collected.

Thanks, Dad.

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