Monday, November 10, 2008

Wave "bye-bye" Jackson!

Wave "bye-bye, Jackson!"
These are words that have been repeated over and over at our place for about a week now.

My mom had been baby-sitting for a couple of days and she came back and said she and Jackson had been working on waving. Justin and I continued to work on it with him. This weekend, he had it down pat! There was just one problem. Jackson wouldn't let us catch it on camera.

So, we decided to out smart our 6-month old son. I fed him sweet potatoes and Justin filmed the magical moment from behind the highchair.

Check it out!

We love to watch Jackson's new trick. He waves when we are cooking dinner, when we arrive home from work, and our favorite - at 6 o'clock in the morning! It doesn't matter when it is...we love to watch him grow and learn each day.

He is getting so big. If we are not careful...we will blink and he will be waving "bye-bye" as he pulls out of the drive way with his girlfriend in the car...and I, of course, will be in the back seat joining them.

Only kidding...sort of! :)


Anonymous said...

Too cute, can't wait to see it in person and from the front, ha ha
Love him.................Grandma P

Jessica said...

okay... so adorable. Miss you all!!!

deb said...

Ohmigosh...that made me tear up! I love how he almost waves in slow-motion.

Aunt Deb