Monday, April 2, 2012

Little League 2012

Take me to the Ball Game...

Months ago Justin and I decided to sign Jackson up for Little League. As the season drew closer - the excitement in this house grew higher and higher. First, it started when we found out that Jackson would be on the Volcanos team this we found out Justin would get to coach Jackson's first ever Little League team. Both of them were thrilled to say the least. Then, came the day to buy Jackson's first pair of baseball cleats (Its in the baby book already...and then came his first practice! You would have thought he was playing the major leagues...after it was over he told me, "Mom, I'm a real baseball player!"

Enjoy some photos and video from his practice this week. Jackson loves his teammates...especially Zak. Jackson is in awe of Zak because he is 6 and can really hit the ball! I love his love for sports. So excited for the season...if only I actually had a schedule of all his games (another rant for another time!).

Also worth mentioning is the fact that I love watching Justin coach this group of boys...but not as much as Justin loves coaching. I love that Justin is making sure these boys get the basics and yet is teaching them how important teamwork and effort is to the game. Way to go Coach Justin!

The 2012 Volcanoes!
Jackson - batting practice with Coach Don

Running the bases!

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