Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt with Friends!

Just another reason I love my neighbors!

Justin and I couldn't have lucked out more when were picking out where to build our home. Not only are we surrounded by great people...but Jackson is surrounded with such great friends! There is always someone near by to play, celebrate, or even make a rainy day fun.

Easter is no exception. Our neighbor, Krista, arranged an Easter Egg hunt for the kids on our street. It was so fun to see their excitement and do something special together for this holiday.

Enjoy some pictures below from the big event.

A special thank you to Krista for putting this together!
They couldn't wait...

Let the Fun Begin!


Jackson found an Egg on Daddy's Truck!





Jordan and Miss Michelle

Ryne, Tyler, Jackson

The Gang

...and a special thanks to our "Easter Bunnies"

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