Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Bixler/Symmes Family Vacation - Walt Disney World 2011

You may remember me posting this time last year that we were knee deep in planning a multi-family vacation to Walt Disney World in honor of Jackson's 3rd birthday. Justin and I had planned this trip since before Jackson was born. We were so lucky that both our families were on board with packing their bags, taking off work (and school) and heading to the Happiest Place on Earth with us.

Fun was had by all. We met Mickey, Minnie, Donald, etc. We rode Dumbo, Space Mountain, and Its a Small World. We danced with Woody and waved at Goofy in all the parades. We swam in the hotel pool and went down the water slide a MILLION times (literally). We ate, drank, and ate some more (and drank some more). We laughed, and cried (yes, I cried when Jackson met Mickey Mouse for the first time). We argued (ummm...traveling with 15 people requires an argument or two) and made up...but most of all, we made memories. Memories that Jackson is still talking about - 8 months later.

I wanted to help Jackson remember how special his 3rd birthday truly was by capturing all our pictures and video onto a video montage for Jackson to watch. Jackson loves to watch this video and points out all his favorites. While I truly expected him to point out the Toy Story ride, Mickey Mouse, and the Tea Cup ride...Jackson spends his time pointing to his cousins. Not only did he love Disney World...he loved experiencing it with Olivia, Griffin, Madeline, and Hayden. So sweet!

For those that want to see the fun from our Disney trip, below is the video montage. Settle in - it is 45 minutes long. Sorry - it was made for Jackson- not specifically for the blog. Feel free to fast forward.

We are already planning another trip to Disney...Who's coming with us!?!

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