Saturday, February 18, 2012

Back to Blogging...

Is anyone still reading this dusty old blog?

Yes, I know I haven't posted since Christmas...and even that post took me forever to put together.

Needless to say, free time is scarce around here. Justin and I are both loving our jobs, loving watching Jackson develop into a little boy, and as always trying to spend time with family and friends when we can.

There are many days Justin and I look at each other and just laugh at our crazy life. I know many folks wonder if I know if I'm coming or going (I promise, I do). Jackson is amazing at keeping up with our pace of life ... and sometimes I think he wonders why get tired every once in a while. I wish I had his energy - but I love that he got his zest for life from us. Like Justin and I, he never wants to miss an experience.

I want to get back to sharing those experiences with all of you. I love looking back on the blog and reading about things that happened a year or two ago. So, I am dedicated to getting back to blogging two or three times a week. Stay tuned for updates on this crazy life we have, pictures of Jackson (he is getting so big!), and updates on family and friends (I FINALLY posted about or Disney trip that we took 8 months ago - see below). We love sharing it all with you. to Jackson's weekly Basketball Clinic. Here are some pictures from a few weeks ago!

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