Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday, Jackson!

Three years ago today (about this time of night) Justin and I were sitting in a hospital room with our new baby boy counting our blessings (and counting the many things we didn't know about babies)....

We soon figured out what we didn't know, learned from mistakes, and enjoyed every minute of it.

Turning three was hard on Mommy. Not sure why - perhaps because I think this means he is officially not a baby any longer. Perhaps it is because I signed Jackson up for t-ball the same week (can't believe he is old enough)....perhaps its because I miss the days he fit in my palm and I rocked him to sleep on the front porch.

As always - to overcome my emotions - I through myself into the celebration. I can't stop him from growing - so I decided to focus on celebrating!

And boy - have we been celebrating... :)

Yesterday - we let Jackson pick where to have dinner. He made Mommy proud and chose Pizza. :) We ended the evening with a play-date with his buddy Ryne. So fun!

This morning (Jackson's actual birthday) we woke Jackson up by singing Happy Birthday - and he took us up on our offer for pancakes before school! As always, he dipped his pancakes in ketchup!

Today - Justin and I met up at PreSchool for a small party with Jackson's preschool friends. It was so fun to celebrate at school and see Jackson interact with his friends. The minute I pulled out the Buzz light year plates all the little boys yelled, "To infinity and beyond!"...Jackson, of course, was the loudest! :) Enjoy some pictures from Jackson's school party...

Miss Moss!

Miss Herald!
Tonight, we had all of Jackson's grandparents over for dinner and a few presents. Here is a sneak peak of Jackson's reaction to the present from Justin and I. Needless to say, we've been planning it for month's and our reaction was about the same! The excitement melted my heart!

More on that tomorrow...For now, I'm one tired Mommy!

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