Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Warm Up and Cool Down ... Who needs all that stuff in the middle!?!

As I have posted before - Justin and I have been trying P90X - a late New Year's resolution. I have to hand it to Justin, he has been way more dedicated than me. But neither of us is as dedicated as Jackson. Each night, he asks if it is time to "do our exercises"...he is just a little too eager.

He is also the best cheerleader! You see, Jackson doesn't participate much past the "Warm-up"...but he loves to sit and cheer you on...then he joins back up for the "cool-down." Smart Kid!

Check out Jackson during the "Warm up" last night...notice how he doesn't take his eyes off his Dad! He also asked, "Can I take my shirt off like my Dad???"....So sweet!

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