Monday, March 7, 2011

Let the Countdown Begin...

We are Walt Disney World Bound 81 Days!

I feel like I have been planning this post since I found out I was pregnant with Jackson. Okay, perhaps I've not been planning this post - but I have certainly been planning the trip. Walt Disney World is one of my favorite places on earth. It has been since I was little.

I'm certain I was in awe of Mickey Mouse and thought Cinderella was beautiful during my childhood trips to the most magical place on earth...but truth be told it was the memories I was making with my family that made that place so wonderful. I even went once in college with my folks on fall break (Such a great trip!).

As the years went by, Justin and I tagged along with my sisters as they each took their children to experience "the magic." In fact, I can remember wiping the tears away as Olivia wrapped her arms around Mickey Mouse for the first time...only to look over to watch my Dad do the same. There is something special about that mouse! Justin and I started talking then about taking our soon-to-be children to Disney.

Olivia (my niece who is almost 12 now)
meets Mickey Mouse for the first time!

Griffin (my nephew who is almost 10 now)
meets Mickey Mouse for the first time!

From the second we knew Jackson was coming - we knew we wanted to take Jackson to Disney World for his third birthday (it helps that they are Free before they are three). We've been talking about the trip since before Jackson was born. This is a trip that was meant for my Dad! It was a chance that he could immerse himself in his grand children's world. I couldn't wait to share this trip with my Dad. Dad and I were planning this trip as we were holding Jackson in our arms as I newborn. Even though my Dad won't be here to see Jackson hug Mickey Mouse or give Buzz Lightyear a high-five...he'll be there in spirit. I have so many memories of my Dad at Walt Disney World - it will be impossible to not to have him be part of our trip....and that makes me smile.

Mom and Dad- LOVING the Buzz Lightyear ride.

Papaw Mike Cuddled up with Olivia on the Tram back to the hotel
after her first day at Magic Kingdom.

Papa Mike was excited to show Griffin the Magic Kingdom - if I remember right, he immediately bought Griffin ice cream! :)

My Dad may not be there - but Jackson is so lucky to have so many people who want to share in this special trip. My Mom, Justin's parents' and sister, my sisters and their families will all be joining us for our week at Walt Disney World (Olivia recently wrote an essay on taking Jackson to Disney World- so sweet!). Jackson thinks a trip to the Olive Garden with family is fantastic - so a week at Walt Disney will be pure joy!

Jackson knows we are going to see Mickey Mouse, Woody, Buzz, Donald, Goofy, and Handy Manny. But - always the sceptic- Jackson always asks "They got Kelly's Hardware Store, Mom?"...(from Handy Manny)...little does he know - Walt Disney World has everything!

The planning was intense. A trip for 13, a hotel that would make everyone happy, flights fitting around many work schedules, breakfast with Mickey Mouse reserved, lunch with Handy Manny reserved, the Hoop Di Do Review reserved, and a special birthday cake delivered to Jackson on our last night arranged....two "Parent's Guides to Disney" read front to back, one expert Disney web site memorized word for word....two anxious parents, and one excited little boy!!! Whew!

Let the countdown begin!

My iPhone App helps countdown the days to our trip!


{the walti family} said...

How exciting! Jackson will FLIP - I literally cannot wait for your recap of this trip! How Fun!

mamaw said...

The trip is so neat!! I'm sure Jackson will have an absolutely fabulous time!!! We had a ball when we all took Breydon there. It was so worth it!! And you know your dad will be right there with you enjoying every second!! Have a great time!!!