Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Welcome to the World, Mr. Cooper Daniel Morgan

Justin, Jackson, and I recently got to meet Mr. Cooper Daniel Morgan.

Cooper is the new son of our great friends Joe and Lora Morgan. I cannot begin to tell you how much Joe and Lora longed for Cooper's arrival. The saying, "they loved him before they knew him" couldn't be more true in this case. I can still remember Joe calling Justin with the big news that Lora was expecting - it was wonderful news.

Cooper came a little early and was a bit of a handful at first...leaving Mom and Dad without little sleep. But you wouldn't know it. Joe and Lora beam with love when talking about Cooper.

Jackson was pretty impressed with Cooper. He loved holding him and talking to him in his swing...but when asked if we should have a baby come live with us - his answer was a clear "NO." :)

The good news for Jackson - is that I'm certain Joe and Lora would like to keep Cooper. Who wouldn't? He is adorable. He truly is a good lookin' baby!

Welcome to the World Baby Cooper! You are truly loved and lucked out with amazing parents!

Enjoy some photos from our visit.

Jackson and Lora

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