Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Just like Daddy...

Justin and I have started P90X...a late New Years resolution (better late than never).

One of the first steps - it asks you to to take pictures of yourself in order to keep track of your progress. While I won't shock you with our photos - I will however tell you a sweet story of a little boy wanting to be just like his Daddy.

Tonight, while Justin and I were doing the AB DVD - Jackson joined us instead of playing in his playroom. It was hilarious to look over and see this little boy try to do these impossible sit-ups. I had to chuckle when Jackson would grunt or take a deep breath - exactly when his Dad would. He watched Justin's every move and copied it. At some point, I was happy to take a break from the exercising and watched Justin and his "mini-me".

After the workout, Justin and I took our pictures just as the DVD requests. As always, Jackson stood aside and watched. When I was done taking Justin's photos, Jackson raised his hand with authority and said, "My Turn!" He took his shirt off and stood in front of the wall in the same poses Justin had just done. I was laughing so hard a couple of the photos were blurry...but I managed to catch a few goon ones.

So funny - anything to be like his Daddy!

Think P90X can help that belly???

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