Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"Operation Big Boy Room" has begun!

Jackson wanted to help paint the Bead Board!

A few weeks ago, when I was knee deep in paint samples - trying to find the perfect shade of aqua to match Jackson's Cat-in-the Hat bedding - Justin mentioned to me that he wanted to put bead board and chair rail in Jackson's room.

Those of you are know us well may remember when Justin signed on to do this in Jackson's nursery. I was skeptical then only because I know my husband is many of great things - but handy with tools isn't one of them. However, with a little help from my Dad, my Uncle Tom, and Justin's Dad (who is always willing to help Justin with his random projects) Jackson's nursery turned out better than I had hoped. So, this time I have no reservations about Jackson's room. Uncle Tom and Pop (Justin's Dad) are already "on call."

I'm excited to see the end product. And Jackson can't quit talking about his TV that is going on the wall. So fun to see everything coming together.

We close on the home tomorrow. So let the decorating begin!

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